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Only Roy Dupuis can make floppy hats & overalls sexier then all get out..THUD!


Million Dollar Babies (1994)

The true story of the Dionne quintuplets. Roy played their father, Oliva Dionne and spent much of the movie angry or sad, understandably so. The quints were taken from the couple as babies by the government and raised in a side show like atmosphere for profit by their doctor. Horribly sad tale.

LOL. He’d look great in a paper sack! ;)



Baby Come Back

These two.

So typical of them at this stage of their relationship, at this stage of the show, to be talking about MOST IMPORTANT THINGS without looking at each other. Michael could be looking at her since her back is turned but even that is too much for him.

Yes, and there is a lot of mixed feelings the morning after for them both. So it’s understandably a little awkward. The question of what to do now is an understatement to say the least.