Random images, news & video from my favorite Québécois actor.


It’s Over

Michael eavesdrop on Nikita & Jurgen and successfully breaks up their little rendezvous. Must have been pretty painful and frightening to hear Nikita talk about their relationship in front of Madeline. At least she had the decency to leave the room!

Oh Nikita, you know it ain’t over!! Stop playing! Michael must have been ready to break something! LOL

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Betrayal Complete

I suppose Nikita’s so pissed off her “spidey senses” were disabled otherwise, she might have picked up on the treachery going on behind her. lol

Ep. “Approaching Zero”

So wrong!

SMH. Michael you are a bastard.


One of my favorite fan videos! I love the fantasy theme and the use of the beautiful, Michael & Nikita’s theme written by Sean Callery.

Great video!


Between A Rock And A Hard Place

You gotta feel for Michael. He knows he’s hurting Nikita yet he has to obey orders and make it look like the relationship between them is strictly professional (Madeline knows it’s not) to protect them both. Oh the betrayals.

Always the obedient operative. Michael, sometimes you gotta follow your heart and not your head….

Roy gets a touch up and checks his lines on the set of “Coteau Rouge”  (2011). There was a serious fake tan applied for his character Eric Miljours. lol


Rock, Paper Scissors (2013)
Cool press photo! (source)

Rock, Paper Scissors (2013)

Cool press photo! (source)

Interview with Marie-France Bazzo (2010) Roy talks about environment, energy, film roles, sailing and a Joe Dassin CD on a car trip. He even sings a few bars of “Et si tu n’existais pas”. I love how he wiggles his butt into the lawn chair in gif #2!!

Watch the video (here)

Montage of some of Roy’s films. Enjoy!


The Blank Stare

Nikita is getting good at poking the thorn in Michael’s emotional barricade. But all that eye contact and close face to face encounter, it somehow feels like some kind of erotic tango for these two! :)

That blank stare and Michael’s calm demeanor would drive me up a tree too Nikita!! And I’m pretty sure he was think why is she not getting this?! lol


It’s Raining Men

Nikita sure is popular! 

You all know that Michael’s “hi” has so much subtext; what the hell are you doing here? She is my woman (doesn’t matter if I don’t show her I care), White Room again…me and you for Round 2?