Random images, news & video from my favorite Québécois actor.


Hard Landing

The Season Two opener was so appropriately named for all the difficulty Michael and Nikita faced, now and for some time to come. Their fragile bond will be tested repeatedly. I think it also starts a secret alliance and sets up an us against them (Operations/Madeline) mentality. But they survived these flames and gave us all hope that maybe they might come out on top.

One of my favorite episodes for sure!


Be Patient.

Back in Section, Nikita cuts to the chase with Michael about her expectations for their “relationship.” He answers in typical frustrating Michael fashion which is probably making Nikita want to slap his handsome Level 5 face. Ahhh, same ole, same ole. Welcome back.

Poor Nikita. Michael winds her up, beats her up then tells her to wait. We all know why he did it but ……damn you Michael!! lol

Les Doigts Croches (Sticky Fingers) 2009

Roy and his band bumbling thieves must walk the Camino in Spain to prove they’ve been reformed and are worthy of the $2 million they stole on their last job. Here, they try to convince an administrator they’re really pilgrims so they can obtain vital passports which allows them to sleep in hostels along the journey. No dice! LOL This is such a funny movie and the entire cast is perfect!! Roy really has amazing comic timing! He makes full use of his talent to just convey emotions through his eyes in this movie for full comic effect! I highly recommend it!



My go-to respite from all the insanity in the world..


 From Chercher Le Courant (2010). Roy joined fellow environmentalists in this documentary about the damming of the majestic Romaine River in Quebec and provided narration for the film. He is co-president of the Rivers Foundation which actively seeks to protect the rivers in his native country.

Read about the foundation and donate to the cause (here)